Saturday, 5 November 2011


      I want to talk about one of the texts we have worked during the year, this is “Courtesy: key to a happier world” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. This text called my attention because it is about how good manners can make our lives better. I completely agree with that premise. I think that most of our daily problems can be solved just with courtesy.
      Dr. Peale lists the three components of courtesy and gives three tips to improve one’s manners. Justice, Empathy, and the Capacity to treat all people alike, are the three components of courtesy. And the ways to improve one’s manners are by practicing courtesy ( concentrating in your performance and not letting other’s bad manners make you rude), thinking in a courteous way, and being able to accept courtesy.
      Justice is one of the components which is very important and the one that is less used. We tend to consider that what is good for us is good for everyone. It is one of the most selfish attitudes we have as citizens. For example, if we like to listen to loud music all day long, why we think that the neighbourhood enjoys the same. I think we have to start using this principle of justice.
Empathy is about considering other people’s feelings which is also important, but generally we are not worried about that. And the last component is the capacity to treat all people alike, which is one of most difficult  things to do because we consider that there are people who do not deserve our best manners. Anyway, we could try to put this into practice and see what happens.
      Peale tells us about ways to improve our manners, which are practicing courtesy, thinking in a courteous way and being able to accept courtesy. All of them are difficult to use because how we are going to treat in a good way to a person that is being rude with us. But perhaps in this point is the key, I mean, to be strong and not letting that others’ bad manners ruin our days. Thinking in a courteous way is also complicated, to be considerate of others is not an easy issue but it is not impossible. And the last advise is about being able to accept courtesy, which could be the easiest one.
      To conclude courtesy makes our lives happier because If we are trated in a good way, that makes us happy. And if we are treated in a bad way but we answer in a courteous way, we feel that we are doing what is correct, and we feel happy and satified with ourselves. That’s whay I think that courtesy can make our world better.


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